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Sancho Miguel's Salsa and Guacamole

“You like fresh salsa? What’s your flavor?”

Sancho Miguel currently offers the nation’s best and distinctive brand of fresh salsa. Our Salsa is made with ripe tomatoes, onion, and peppers, and a host of other healthy herbs mingling as medley that gives Sancho Miguel's its "Signature" flavors. Sancho Miguel’s Salsa challenges your concept of what you think a Salsa should be. It is a fresh, bold, full-bodied salsa that turns ordinary salsa on its ear. Sancho Miguel’s is unique in that it focuses on FLAVOR FIRST. At a whopping 100 calories per serving, Sancho Miguel’s makes everything better (not just your chips)!

Our Fresh Salsa's

“MELLOW MILD”- Full flavored goodness, without the heat. This is for our Salsa Lovers who want boldness without the bite!

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“THE SIGNATURE”- Our original and most popular salsa, “The Signature” has taken the world by storm! Boasting a medium heat pattern with a kick that “flows in and flows out,” this salsa has all the same great flavor, with just enough spice to make you feel alive without hurting your feelings!!

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“CREEPIN CALIENTE”- Also known as our Dragon Slayer! For the hot, hot Salsa lovers, Miguel made this just for you! Get ready for your nose to run, and your head to sweat! All Flavor, All Fire!!

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Our fresh Salsa is sold in multiple sizes: 8oz. 16oz, and 24 oz. Half-Gallon and Gallon sizes are also available for parties and large events!


“It’s Addictive!!!”

We are so excited about our Guac! Sancho Miguel’s Guacamole comes in two flavors: “ “Signature” and “Caliente”. Guacamole is made to order, from deliciously ripe avocadoes, blended with a host of herbs and vegetables that will make anyone a Guac lover! 

Guacamole is served in 8oz, 16oz and 24oz containers. However, larger portions are available upon request.

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