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Sancho Miguel's Salsa Story

Sixteen years ago, in small Ohio Tex Mex kitchen, an unknown sous chef, with a penchant for adventure, imagination, and big dose rebellion, transformed the house recipe for salsa, and introduced the crowd to a new flavor experience that blew the house salsa out of the water! Then…without warning… the chef and his salsa disappeared. In 2006, the Chef’s Salsa re-emerged at small company potlucks, jewelry parties, and all manner of shindigs. Thrilling salsa lovers, and making converts of salsa haters, the chef’s Salsa took on a life of its own, and Sancho Miguel’s came into existence.

In December 2011, in his home kitchen, Miguel’s father in law made a great dare: “Push the salsa just through the holidays, and let’s seen what happens.” In just two days, word spread, nine gallons of Salsa flew out the door!! And Sancho Miguel’s Salsa was born. Due to consistent grassroots marketing and sales efforts, Salsa demands have increased from sporadic requests, to weekly demands. Making raves and waves at local farmer’s markets, bazaar’s, charity events, and festivals in Indiana, Sancho Miguel’s has quickly become the most sought after chip dipper, shot shooter, chili maker, and marinade in the land!

Who We Are?

Established in January 2012, Sancho Miguel’s is locally owned and family operated, business based in Jeffersonville, Indiana. In conjunction with making the best salsa on the planet, Sancho Miguel’s is committed to promoting the small business community, and engaging our youth in that effort by offering opportunities to learn, develop, and use their talents, to cultivate the same entrepreneurial spirit that is the driving force of Sancho Miguel’s.

Miguel's Story

Miguel Hampton, owner and creator of Sancho Miguel Salsa, is also President of the F5 Enterprises, LLC, a creative marketing and promotional products firm. His first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 14, as a window washer on his home state of Ohio. Ever a self starter and bootstrapper, it didn’t surprise his family when he built a creative marketing and promotional products firm the midst of the recession, after lay offs ended his career in retail. Building on a diverse professional background, including multi-level retail management, corporate retail marketing and sales, managerial consulting, advertising and marketing, photography, graphic design, Miguel believes “No just means, not right now.” Now, with the help of friends, family, and an undaunted entrepreneurial spirit, Miguel has introduced into the marketplace, Sancho Miguel’s Salsa, the world’s best FRESH SALSA!